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  1. The free-swimming larva of some invertebrates that have a circlet of cilia

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2 - apical tuft 3 - prototroch 4 - metatroch 5 - nephridium 6 - anus
8 - gastrointestinal tract 9 - buccal opening 10 - blastocoele]] A trochophore (; also spelled trocophore) is a type of marine larva with several bands of cilia. By moving their cilia rapidly water eddy is created. In this way they control the direction of their movement. Additionally, in this way they attract their food in order to capture it more easily. Trochophores are found in the trochozoan phyla, which include the entoprocts, mollusks, annelids, echiurans, and sipunculans. Together, these make up part of the Lophotrochozoa; it is possible that trochophore larvae were present in the life cycle of the group's common ancestor. Trochophore larvae are often planktotrophic; that is, they feed on plankton.

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